UNITED KINGDOM Voice Over Work : Acquiring British Voiceover Careers and even Agents

Scan online for voice over work also you’ll be confronted by a huge array of websites with vocal training programs, tips about agencies and newcomers posting questions asking where and how to start in voice-overs. When you click on some of these sites, you will notice that many of them are based outside of the United Kingdom.

So exactly where do spanish voice overs of us with the work is found by british accents? The best way is to polish the search, putting in keywords like ” UK voice over “voice or agency” over training in London, Manchester, Birmingham” and Glasgow. You will be much more specific by mentioning the gender of yours; so “female British voice over artist” and “male British voiceover UK based” will generate a few interesting results.

However there are boundaries to all of this. It assumes that vocal over artists only achieve work and jobs in their country of residence; within the generation of the internet this’s certainly not the case. Those beginning their careers oftentimes find there’s equally as much (if not more) chance outside of Britain. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Inexpensive recording gear means you can set up a mini studio at home with little outlay. You only want the computer of yours, a few program (free to download from the net) a microphone and sound deadening material. In the latter case, pillows duvets as well as curtains will work nicely in getting rid of room ambience. So it doesn’t matter where you reside or even indeed where your client is situated, you can deliver a sound file from anywhere to wherever.

The other cause is usually that international clients, particularly in the US, Middle East as well as Europe, really love an authentic British accent. In many cases cachet is added by it and offers something upmarket appeal. Should you haven’t produced your showreel however, ask your voice over coach to truly bring out the natural tones of yours and accentuate the highlight, whether it is Home Counties BBC layout, or perhaps you have a regional lilt such as’ Geordie’,’ Scouse’ or perhaps even’ Brummie.’

Casting your net wide and far is important in the voiceover community of the 21st century; those that reduce themselves to England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales are basically cutting out large swathes of prospective work. But exactly where do you find jobs in other nations? The most effective method will be to use one of the outstanding voice over marketplaces out there. These are not agencies, but venues where you are able to sell the voice of yours – they allow client and voice over artist to connect via email, rather than meeting face to face or even on the telephone. Such encounters can lead to productive relationships that produce that most valuable of assets – repeat work.

The way it’s also advisable not neglect the domestic market. Have a look out for brand new agents setting up and submit your voice reel to extra well-known players as you can. Also cold calling manufacturing companies are able to produce results which are surprising.

So keep your options wide open and widen your voice over horizons.


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