Uncontested divorce in oklahoma

Why not use a paralegal instead? 
In Oklahoma there is no recognized certification or special licensing requirement for paralegals. This means that anyone can call himself or herself a “paralegal”. So they are essentially unlicensed and unregulated. Licensed attorneys, on the other hand, have a vested interest in protecting their licenses and their reputations. Here in Oklahoma we have one of the toughest bar exams in the country. Licensed attorneys must re-register every two years, must keep the court and the public apprised of their current business address, must use written retainer agreements, and must take 12 hours of continuing education courses each year to stay up to date with changes in the law. A paralegal can take your money and mess up your case or even disappear with your money.

How about the big document assembly services?
There are companies out there that operate on a national scale who “do” uncontested divorces. I am not going to mention names, I assume you know who I am talking about. You should know that some of these companies have been sued in various states by the State’s attorney general or other government regulatory body for practicing law without a license. In most states it is actually a crime for anyone who is not a licensed attorney to practice law. “Practicing law” includes going to court for someone else, preparing legal papers, and giving legal advice. Because of these types of problems the document assembly services mostly work by providing you with a large set of forms, together with many pages of generic instructions.


Uncontested divorce in oklahoma

Some time ago, a client came in to hire me for a simple  case, after having paid several hundred dollars to a well known document assembly company. Once he got all the forms he was totally confused and frustrated. Out of curiosity I asked him to see the forms, which he actually let me keep because he had no use for them. The vast majority of the forms were unnecessary because they were intended either for contested cases or for much more complicated uncontested cases where there were children involved.

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